Starting with CrossWorks for ARM 1.6, only a small set of generic target support packages are shipped in the basic CrossWorks installation. To develop for a specific CPU or board it is necessary to download and install a CPU and/or board support package for the device you are targetting.

The following pages list the CPU and board support packages currently available for CrossWorks for ARM and describe how to install them.

Installing Support Packages

Before you can install any support packages you must have installed CrossWorks for ARM 1.6 or later.

To install a support package, select the package you want to install and follow the instructions.

Using The Support Packages

Once you have installed the support package you should be able to create new projects for the target using File > New > New Project.

You can view the support packages you have installed by selecting Tools > Show Installed Packages. Clicking on the support package links from this page will take you to the support package content page which contains useful links to the package contents such as documentation, example projects and system files.