int libmem_register_am29fxxx_driver(libmem_driver_handle_t *h,
                                    uint8_t *start,
                                    unsigned size,
                                    const libmem_geometry_t *geometry,
                                    unsigned device_id);

libmem_register_am29fxxx_driver registers a driver for an AMD Am29Fxxx FLASH chip.

h — A pointer to the LIBMEM handle structure to use for this LIBMEM driver.

start — The start address of the FLASH memory.

size — The size of the address range handled by the LIBMEM driver in bytes.

geometry — A pointer to a null-terminated geometry description list for the device.

device_id — The device ID of the device. The expected device ID is checked against the device ID read from the FLASH. If the device IDs differ this function return LIBMEM_STATUS_INVALID_DEVICE.

libmem_register_am29fxxx_driver returns — The LIBMEM status result.