int libmem_driver_paged_write_init(libmem_driver_paged_write_ctrlblk_t *paged_write_ctrlblk,
                                   uint8_t *page_buffer,
                                   size_t page_size,
                                   libmem_driver_page_write_fn_t page_write_fn,
                                   uint32_t page_write_src_alignment,
                                   uint32_t options);

libmem_driver_paged_write_init is a driver helper function that initializes the paged write control bock.

paged_write_ctrlblk — A pointer to the paged write control block.

page_buffer — A pointer to the page buffer to use for paged write operations.

page_size — The page size, this value must be equal to the size of the buffer pointed to by page_buffer.

page_write_fn — A pointer to a function that carries out the page write operation.

page_write_src_alignment — The byte alignment of source data required by the page write function when bypassing the page buffer. Set this to zero if the write function only supports writes directly from the page buffer.

options — Paged write configuration options.

libmem_driver_paged_write_init returns — The LIBMEM status result.