int libmem_driver_paged_write_fill(libmem_driver_handle_t *h,
                                   uint8_t *dest,
                                   uint8_t c,
                                   size_t size,
                                   libmem_driver_paged_write_ctrlblk_t *paged_write_ctrlblk);

libmem_driver_paged_write_fill is a driver helper function that implements a paged write fill operation.

h — A pointer to the handle of the LIBMEM driver.

dest — A pointer to the address to write the block of data.

c — The data value to fill the memory with.

size — The number of bytes to write.

paged_write_ctrlblk — A pointer to the paged write control block.

libmem_driver_paged_write_fill returns — The LIBMEM status result.