typedef int (*libmem_driver_inrange_fn_t)(libmem_driver_handle_t *h, const uint8_t *dest);

libmem_driver_inrange_fn_t is a function pointer to a LIBMEM driver's inrange extended function.

h — A pointer to the handle of the LIBMEM driver.

dest — A pointer to then memory location being tested.

libmem_driver_inrange_fn_t returns — The LIBMEM status result.

The driver's inrange function is an optional extended function. It has been provided to allow the driver to indicate if it handles a more complex memory range than the single range described by the start and size libmem_driver_handle_t fields, for example if the memory has been aliased over a number of memory ranges.

The function should return non-zero if the address pointed to by dest is handled by the driver.