Each copy of CrossWorks must be registered and activated before it will build projects or download and debug applications. In this tutorial, we are going to use CrossWorks's License Manager dialog to request an evaluation activation key and, after the key is received, to activate CrossWorks.

If you have already activated your copy of CrossWorks, you can skip this page.

Requesting an evaluation activation key (with a default e-mail client)

To receive an evaluation activation key that is valid for 30 days:

Choosing which hardware to lock to is a matter of personal choice. If you lock to your primary disk and then replace that disk drive, reformat it, or upgrade the operating system, CrossWorks may need to be reactivated. If you lock to a network adapter and the network adapter fails and is replaced, then CrossWorks will require reactivation.

When we receive your registration key we will send an activation key back to your e-mail's reply address. You then will use the activation key to unlock and activate CrossWorks.

Activating CrossWorks

When you receive your activation key from us, you can activate CrossWorks as follows:


If you request an activation key outside office hours, there may be a delay processing the registration. If this is the case, you can continue the tutorial until you reach the Building projects section—you will need to activate CrossWorks before you can build.