Auto Recovery

Property Description
Auto Recovery Backup Time
Text Editor/Auto Recovery Backup Time – IntegerRange
The time in minutes between saving of auto recovery backups files or 0 to disable generation of backup files.
Auto Recovery Keep Time
Text Editor/Auto Recovery Keep Time – IntegerRange
The time in days to keep unrecovered backup files or 0 to disable deletion of unrecovered backup files.

Cursor Fence

Property Description
Bottom Margin
Text Editor/Margins/Bottom – IntegerRange
The number of lines in the bottom margin.
Keep Cursor Within Fence
Text Editor/Margins/Enabled – Boolean
Enable margins to fence and scroll around the cursor.
Left Margin
Text Editor/Margins/Left – IntegerRange
The number of characters in the left margin.
Right Margin
Text Editor/Margins/Right – IntegerRange
The number of characters in the right margin.
Top Margin
Text Editor/Margins/Top – IntegerRange
The number of lines in the right margin.


Property Description
Allow Drag and Drop Editing
Text Editor/Drag Drop Editing – Boolean
Enables dragging and dropping of selections in the text editor.
Bold Popup Diagnostic Messages
Text Editor/Bold Popup Diagnostics – Boolean
Displays popup diagnostic messages in bold for easier reading.
Column-mode Tab
Text Editor/Column Mode Tab – Boolean
Tab key moves to the next textual column using the line above.
Confirm Modified File Reload
Text Editor/Confirm Modified File Reload – Boolean
Display a confirmation prompt before reloading a file that has been modified on disk.
Copy Action When Nothing Selected
Text Editor/Copy Action – Enumeration
What Copy copies when nothing is selected.
Cut Action When Nothing Selected
Text Editor/Cut Action – Enumeration
What Cut cuts when nothing is selected.
Cut Single Blank Line
Text Editor/Cut Blank Lines – Boolean
Selects whether to place text on the clipboard when a single blank line is cut. When set to Yes, cutting a single blank line will put the blank line on the clipboard. When set to No, cutting a single blank line deletes the line and does not place it on the clipboard.
Diagnostic Cycle Mode
Text Editor/Diagnostic Cycle Mode – Enumeration
Iterates through diagnostics either from most severe to least severe or in reported order.
Edit Read-Only Files
Text Editor/Edit Read Only – Boolean
Allow editing of read-only files.
Enable Virtual Space
Text Editor/Enable Virtual Space – Boolean
Permit the cursor to move into locations that do not currently contain text.
Numeric Keypad Editing
Text Editor/Numeric Keypad Enabled – Boolean
Selects whether the numeric keypad plus and minus buttons copy and cut text.
Tab Key Indents Preprocessor Directives
Text Editor/Tab Key Indents Preprocessor Directives – Boolean
Enables or disables the indentation of C preprocessor directives when using tab key indentation on a selection.
Undo And Redo Behavior
Text Editor/Undo Mode – Enumeration
How Undo and Redo group your typing when it is undone and redone.

Find And Replace

Property Description
Case Sensitive Matching
Text Editor/Find/Match Case – Boolean
Enables or disables the case sensitivity of letters when searching.
Find History
Text Editor/Find/History – StringList
The list of strings recently used in searches.
Regular Expression Matching
Text Editor/Find/Use RegExp – Boolean
Enables regular expression matching rather than plain text matching.
Replace History
Text Editor/Replace/History – StringList
The list of strings recently used in replaces.
Whole Word Matching
Text Editor/Find/Match Whole Word – Boolean
Enables or disables whole word matching when searching.


Property Description
Access Modifier Offset
Text Editor/Formatting/AccessModifierOffset – Integer
The extra indent or outdent of access modifiers, e.g. public:.
Additional Formatting Styles
Text Editor/Additional Formatting Styles – StringList
Additional styles to pass to clang-format.
Align After Open Bracket
Text Editor/Formatting/AlignAfterOpenBracket – Boolean
If enabled, horizontally aligns arguments after an open bracket.
Align Consecutive Assignments
Text Editor/Formatting/AlignConsecutiveAssignments – Boolean
If enabled, aligns consecutive assignments.
Align Consecutive Declarations
Text Editor/Formatting/AlignConsecutiveDeclarations – Boolean
If enabled, aligns consecutive declarations.
Align Escaped Newlines Left
Text Editor/Formatting/AlignEscapedNewlinesLeft – Boolean
If enabled, aligns escaped newlines as far left as possible otherwise puts them into the right-most column.
Align Operands
Text Editor/Formatting/AlignOperands – Boolean
If enabled, horizontally align operands of binary and ternary expressions.
Align Trailing Comments
Text Editor/Formatting/AlignTrailingComments – Boolean
If enabled, aligns trailing comments.
Allow All Parameters Of Declaration On Next Line
Text Editor/Formatting/AllowAllParametersOfDeclarationOnNextLine – Boolean
Allow putting all parameters of a function declaration onto the next line even if Bin-pack Parameters is disabled.
Allow Short 'if' Statements On A Single Line
Text Editor/Formatting/AllowShortIfStatementsOnASingleLine – Boolean
If enabled, short 'if' statements are put on a single line.
Allow Short Blocks On A Single Line
Text Editor/Formatting/AllowShortBlocksOnASingleLine – Boolean
If enabled, allows contracting simple braced statements to a single line.
Allow Short Case Labels On A Single Line
Text Editor/Formatting/AllowShortCaseLabelsOnASingleLine – Boolean
If enabled, short case labels will be contracted to a single line.
Allow Short Functions On A Single Line
Text Editor/Formatting/AllowShortFunctionsOnASingleLine – Enumeration
Optionally compress small functions to a single line.
Allow Short Loop Statements On A Single Line
Text Editor/Formatting/AllowShortLoopsOnASingleLine – Boolean
If enabled, short loop statements are put on a single line.
Always Break After Return Type
Text Editor/Formatting/AlwaysBreakAfterReturnType – Enumeration
The function declaration return type breaking style to use.
Always Break Before Multiline Strings
Text Editor/Formatting/AlwaysBreakBeforeMultilineStrings – Boolean
If enabled, always break before multiline strings.
Always Break Template Declarations
Text Editor/Formatting/AlwaysBreakTemplateDeclarations – Boolean
If enabled, always break after the 'template<...>' of a template declaration.
Bin-Pack Arguments
Text Editor/Formatting/BinPackArguments – Boolean
If disabled, a function call?s arguments will either be all on the same line or will have one line each.
Bin-Pack Parameters
Text Editor/Formatting/BinPackParameters – Boolean
If disabled, a function call's or function definition's parameters will either all be on the same line or will have one line each.
Break Before Binary Operators
Text Editor/Formatting/BreakBeforeBinaryOperators – Boolean
The way to wrap binary operators.
Break Before Braces
Text Editor/Formatting/BreakBeforeBraces – Enumeration
The brace breaking style to use.
Break Before Inheritance Comma
Text Editor/Formatting/BreakBeforeInheritanceComma – Boolean
If enabled, the class inheritance expression will break before : and , if there is multiple inheritance.
Break Before Ternary Operators
Text Editor/Formatting/BreakBeforeTernaryOperators – Boolean
If enabled, ternary operators will be placed after line breaks.
Break Constructor Initializers Before Comma
Text Editor/Formatting/BreakConstructorInitializersBeforeComma – Boolean
If enabled, always break constructor initializers before commas and align the commas with the colon.
Break String Literals
Text Editor/Formatting/BreakStringLiterals – Boolean
Allow breaking string literals when formatting.
C++11 Braced List Style
Text Editor/Formatting/Cpp11BracedListStyle – Boolean
If enabled, format braced lists as best suited for C++11 braced lists.
Column Limit
Text Editor/Formatting/ColumnLimit – Integer
The column limit which limits the width of formatted lines.
Comment Pragmas
Text Editor/Formatting/CommentPragmas – String
A regular expression that describes comments with special meaning, which should not be split into lines or otherwise changed.
Compact Namespaces
Text Editor/Formatting/CompactNamespaces – Boolean
If enabled, consecutive namespace declarations will be on the same line. If disabled, each namespace is declared on a new line.
Constructor Initializer All On One Line Or One Per Line
Text Editor/Formatting/ConstructorInitializerAllOnOneLineOrOnePerLine – Boolean
If enabled and the constructor initializers don't fit on a line, put each initializer on its own line.
Constructor Initializer Indent Width
Text Editor/Formatting/ConstructorInitializerIndentWidth – Integer
The number of characters to use for indentation of constructor initializer lists.
Continuation Indent Width
Text Editor/Formatting/ContinuationIndentWidth – Integer
Indent width for line continuations.
Derive Pointer Alignment
Text Editor/Formatting/DerivePointerAlignment – Boolean
If enabled, analyze the formatted file for the most common alignment of address of and dereference. PointerAlignment is then used only as fallback.
Empty Lines At End Of File
Text Editor/Extra Formatting/LinesAtEOF – IntegerRange
The number of lines to add at the end of the file.
Fix Namespace Comments
Text Editor/Formatting/FixNamespaceComments – Boolean
If enabled, add missing namespace end comments and fix invalid existing ones.
For-Each Macros
Text Editor/Formatting/ForEachMacros – StringList
A list of macros that should be interpreted as foreach loops rather than function calls.
Formatting Indent Width
Text Editor/Formatting/IndentWidth – Integer
The number of columns the code formatter uses for indentation. Note that this is not the indent width used by the text editor, that value is specified in the 'Languages' environment option group.
Formatting Style
Text Editor/FormattingStyle – Enumeration
Select a set of formatting options based on a named standard.
Formatting Tab Width
Text Editor/Formatting/TabWidth – IntegerRange
The number of columns the code formatter uses for tab stops. Note that this is not the tab width used by the text editor, that value is specified in the 'Languages' environment option group.
Include Is Main Regex
Text Editor/Formatting/IncludeIsMainRegex – String
Specify a regular expression of suffixes that are allowed in the file-to-main-include mapping.
Indent Case Labels
Text Editor/Formatting/IndentCaseLabels – Boolean
If enabled, indent case labels one level from the switch statement.
Indent Wrapped Function Names
Text Editor/Formatting/IndentWrappedFunctionNames – Boolean
If enabled, Indent if a function definition or declaration is wrapped after the type.
Keep Empty Lines At The Start Of Blocks
Text Editor/Formatting/KeepEmptyLinesAtTheStartOfBlocks – Boolean
If enabled, empty lines at the start of blocks are kept.
Macro Block Begin
Text Editor/Formatting/MacroBlockBegin – String
A regular expression matching macros that start a block.
Macro Block End
Text Editor/Formatting/MacroBlockEnd – String
A regular expression matching macros that end a block.
Maximum Empty Lines To Keep
Text Editor/Formatting/MaxEmptyLinesToKeep – Integer
The maximum number of consecutive empty lines to keep.
Namespace Indentation
Text Editor/Formatting/NamespaceIndentation – Enumeration
The indentation used for namespaces.
Penalty Break Assignment
Text Editor/Formatting/PenaltyBreakAssignment – IntegerRange
The penalty for breaking around an assignment operator.
Penalty Break Before First Call Parameter
Text Editor/Formatting/PenaltyBreakBeforeFirstCallParameter – IntegerRange
The penalty for breaking a function call after 'call('.
Penalty Break Before First Less-Less
Text Editor/Formatting/PenaltyBreakFirstLessLess – IntegerRange
The penalty for breaking before the first less-less.
Penalty Break Comment
Text Editor/Formatting/PenaltyBreakComment – IntegerRange
The penalty for each line break introduced inside a comment.
Penalty Break String
Text Editor/Formatting/PenaltyBreakString – IntegerRange
The penalty for each line break introduced inside a string literal.
Penalty Excess Character
Text Editor/Formatting/PenaltyExcessCharacter – IntegerRange
The penalty for each character outside of the column limit.
Penalty Return Type On Its Own Line
Text Editor/Formatting/PenaltyReturnTypeOnItsOwnLine – IntegerRange
Penalty for putting the return type of a function onto its own line.
Pointer Alignment
Text Editor/Formatting/PointerAlignment – Enumeration
Pointer and reference alignment style.
Reflow Comments
Text Editor/Formatting/ReflowComments – Boolean
If enabled, clang-format will attempt to re-flow comments.
Sort Includes
Text Editor/Formatting/SortIncludes – Boolean
If enabled, sort #includes.
Sort Using Declarations
Text Editor/Formatting/SortUsingDeclarations – Boolean
If enabled, sort using declarations.
Space After C Style Cast
Text Editor/Formatting/SpaceAfterCStyleCast – Boolean
If enabled, a space may be inserted after C style casts.
Space After Template Keyword
Text Editor/Formatting/SpaceAfterTemplateKeyword – Boolean
If enabled, a space will be inserted after the ?template? keyword.
Space Before Assignment Operators
Text Editor/Formatting/SpaceBeforeAssignmentOperators – Boolean
If disabled spaces will be removed before assignment operators.
Space Before Parentheses
Text Editor/Formatting/SpaceBeforeParens – Enumeration
Defines in which cases to put a space before opening parentheses.
Space In Empty Parentheses
Text Editor/Formatting/SpaceInEmptyParentheses – Boolean
If enabled, spaces may be inserted into '()'.
Spaces Before Trailing Comments
Text Editor/Formatting/SpacesBeforeTrailingComments – IntegerRange
The number of spaces before trailing line comments.
Spaces In Angles
Text Editor/Formatting/SpacesInAngles – Boolean
If enabled, spaces will be inserted around the angle brackets in template argument lists.
Spaces In C-style Cast Parentheses
Text Editor/Formatting/SpacesInCStyleCastParentheses – Boolean
If enabled, spaces may be inserted into C style casts.
Spaces In Container Literals
Text Editor/Formatting/SpacesInContainerLiterals – Boolean
If enabled, spaces are inserted inside container literals.
Spaces In Parentheses
Text Editor/Formatting/SpacesInParentheses – Boolean
If true, spaces will be inserted after '(' and before ')'.
Spaces In Square Brackets
Text Editor/Formatting/SpacesInSquareBrackets – Boolean
If true, spaces will be inserted after '[' and before ']'.
Text Editor/Formatting/Standard – Enumeration
Format compatible with this standard
Tab Style
Text Editor/Formatting/UseTab – Enumeration
The way to use hard tab characters in the resulting file.
Use .clang-format File
Text Editor/Use .clang-format File – Boolean
Load code formatting style configuration from a .clang-format file located in one of the parent directories of the source file rather than use the formatting options.


Property Description
Auto-Detect UTF-8
Text Editor/Auto-Detect UTF-8 – Boolean
Auto-detect UTF-8 encoding without signature.
Default Text File Encoding
Text Editor/Default Codec – Enumeration
The encoding to use if not overridden by a project property or file is not in a known format.
Verify Text File Decoding
Text Editor/Verify Decode – Boolean
Specifies whether the decoding of a text file should be verified when file is loaded.


Property Description
Alt+Left Click Action
Environment/Project Explorer/Alt+Left Click Action – Enumeration
The action the editor performs on Alt+Left Click.
Alt+Middle Click Action
Environment/Project Explorer/Alt+Middle Click Action – Enumeration
The action the editor performs on Alt+Middle Click.
Alt+Right Click Action
Environment/Project Explorer/Alt+Right Click Action – Enumeration
The action the editor performs on Alt+Right Click.
Copy On Mouse Select
Text Editor/Copy On Mouse Select – Boolean
Automatically copy text to clipboard when marking a selection with the mouse.
Ctrl+Left Click Action
Environment/Project Explorer/Ctrl+Left Click Action – Enumeration
The action the editor performs on Ctrl+Left Click.
Ctrl+Middle Click Action
Environment/Project Explorer/Ctrl+Middle Click Action – Enumeration
The action the editor performs on Ctrl+Middle Click.
Ctrl+Right Click Action
Environment/Project Explorer/Ctrl+Right Click Action – Enumeration
The action the editor performs on Ctrl+Right Click.
Middle Click Action
Environment/Project Explorer/Middle Click Action – Enumeration
The action the editor performs on Middle Click.
Mouse Wheel Adjusts Font Size
Text Editor/Mouse Wheel Adjusts Font Size – Boolean
Enable or disable resizing of font by mouse wheel when CTRL key pressed.
Shift+Middle Click Action
Environment/Project Explorer/Shift+Middle Click Action – Enumeration
The action the editor performs on Shift+Middle Click.
Shift+Right Click Action
Environment/Project Explorer/Shift+Right Click Action – Enumeration
The action the editor performs on Shift+Right Click.

Programmer Assistance

Property Description
Text Editor/ATTENTION Tags – StringList
Set the tags to display as ATTENTION comments.
Ask For Index
Text Editor/Ask For Index – Boolean
Ask to index the project if goto symbol fails in current editor context.
Auto-Comment Text
Text Editor/Auto Comment – Boolean
Enable or disable automatically swapping commenting on source lines by typing '/' with an active selection.
Auto-Surround Text
Text Editor/Auto Surround – Boolean
Enable or disable automatically surrounding selected text when typing triangular brackets, quotation marks, parentheses, brackets, or braces.
Check Spelling
Text Editor/Spell Checking – Boolean
Enable spell checking in comments.
Code Completion Characters
Text Editor/Code Completion Characters – IntegerRange
The minimum number of word characters required before showing the code completion suggestions while typing.
Code Completion Replaces Existing Word
Text Editor/Completion Replaces Existing Word – Boolean
Replace existing word with completion suggestion if cursor is located on one.
Code Completion Suggestion Selection Key
Text Editor/Suggestion Selection Key – Enumeration
The key used to select a code completion suggestion.
Display Code Completion Suggestions While Typing
Text Editor/Suggest Completion While Typing – Boolean
Enable code completion as you type without needing to use the show suggestions key (Ctrl+J).
Enable Popup Diagnostics
Text Editor/Enable Popup Diagnostics – Boolean
Enables on-screen popup diagnostics messages.
FIXME Tag List
Text Editor/FIXME Tags – StringList
Set the tags to display as FIXME comments.
Inactive Code Opacity
Text Editor/Inactive Code Opacity – IntegerRange
Specifies the opacity of code that has been conditionally excluded by the preprocessor.
Include Preprocessor Definitions in Suggestions
Text Editor/Preprocessor Definition Suggestions – Boolean
Include or exclude preprocessor definitions in code completion suggestions.
Include Templates in Suggestions
Text Editor/Template Suggestions – Boolean
Include or exclude templates in code completion suggestions.
Lint Tag List
Text Editor/LINT Tags – StringList
Set the tags to display as Lint directives.
Select First Code Completion Selection
Text Editor/Select First Suggestion – Boolean
Automatically select first suggestion when showing suggestions
Show Diagnostics
Text Editor/Show Diagnostics – Enumeration
Enables on-screen diagnostics in the text editor.
Show Inactive Code
Text Editor/Show Inactive Code – Boolean
Show code that has been conditionally excluded by the preprocessor.
Show Inline Diagnostics
Text Editor/Show Inline Diagnostics – Enumeration
Enables inline diagnostics in the text editor.
Show Symbol Declaration Tooltips
Text Editor/Show Tooltip – Boolean
Show tooltips when hovering over symbols.
Template Characters To Match
Text Editor/Template Suggestions Characters – IntegerRange
The number of characters to match before suggesting a template.


Property Description
Backup File History Depth
Text Editor/Backup File Depth – IntegerRange
The number of backup files to keep when saving an existing file.
Default Line Endings
Text Editor/Default Line Endings – Enumeration
The line ending format to use for a new file or a file where the existing line ending format cannot be determined.
Delete Trailing Space On Save
Text Editor/Delete Trailing Space On Save – Boolean
Deletes trailing whitespace from each line when a file is saved.
Format On Save
Text Editor/Format On Save – Enumeration
Formats text when a file is saved.
Tab Cleanup On Save
Text Editor/Cleanup Tabs On Save – Enumeration
Cleans up tabs when a file is saved.

Visual Appearance

Property Description
Fold Comments
Text Editor/Fold Comments – Boolean
Allow multiline comments to be collapsed.
Fold Preprocessor Directives
Text Editor/Fold Preprocessor Directives – Boolean
Allow preprocessor directives to be collapsed.
Text Editor/Font – FixedPitchFont
The font to use for text editors.
Font Rendering
Text Editor/Font Rendering – Enumeration
The font rendering scheme to use in text editors.
Font Smoothing Threshold
Text Editor/Antialias Threshold – IntegerRange
The minimum size for font smoothing: font sizes smaller than this will have antialiasing turned off.
Hide Cursor When Typing
Text Editor/Hide Cursor When Typing – Boolean
Hide or show the I-beam cursor when you start to type.
Highlight All Selected Text
Text Editor/Highlight All Selected Text – Boolean
Enable or disable visually highlighting all text that matches the current selection.
Highlight Cursor Line
Text Editor/Highlight Cursor Line – Boolean
Enable or disable visually highlighting the cursor line.
Highlight References
Text Editor/Highlight References – Boolean
Enable or disable visually highlighting of references.
Horizontal Scroll Bar
Text Editor/HScroll Bar – Enumeration
Show or hide the horizontal scroll bar.
Insert Caret Style
Text Editor/Insert Caret Style – Enumeration
How the caret is displayed with the editor in insert mode.
Line Numbers
Text Editor/Line Number Mode – Enumeration
How often line numbers are displayed in the margin.
Mate Match Off Screen
Text Editor/Mate Match Off Screen – Boolean
Specifies whether braces, brackets, and parentheses are matched when off screen.
Mate Matching Mode
Text Editor/Mate Matching Mode – Enumeration
Controls when braces, brackets, and parentheses are matched.
Maximum Collapsed Fold Preview Lines
Text Editor/Maximum Collapsed Fold Preview Lines – IntegerRange
The maximum number of lines to show in a collapsed fold preview tooltip.
Minimum Scroll Width
Text Editor/Minimum Scroll Width – IntegerRange
Specifies the minimum width of the scrolling region in characters.
Overwrite Caret Style
Text Editor/Overwrite Caret Style – Enumeration
How the caret is displayed with the editor in overwrite mode.
Selection Opacity
Text Editor/Selection Opacity – IntegerRange
Specifies the opacity of text selection.
Show Bookmarks In Vertical Scroll Bar
Text Editor/Show Bookmarks In Vertical Scroll Bar – Boolean
Annotate the vertical scroll bar with bookmark positions.
Show Breakpoints In Vertical Scroll Bar
Text Editor/Show Breakpoints In Vertical Scroll Bar – Boolean
Annotate the vertical scroll bar with breakpoint positions.
Show Caret Position In Vertical Scroll Bar
Text Editor/Show Caret In Vertical Scroll Bar – Boolean
Annotate the vertical scroll bar with the caret's position within the document.
Show Diagnostic Icons In Gutter
Text Editor/Diagnostic Icons – Boolean
Enables display of diagnostic icons in the icon gutter.
Show Errors In Vertical Scroll Bar
Text Editor/Show Errors In Vertical Scroll Bar – Boolean
Annotate the vertical scroll bar with error positions.
Show Fold Gutter
Text Editor/Fold Gutter – Boolean
Show or hide the left-hand gutter containing folding controls.
Show Icon Gutter
Text Editor/Icon Gutter – Boolean
Show or hide the left-hand gutter containing breakpoint, bookmark, and optional diagnostic icons.
Show Mini Toolbar
Text Editor/Mini Toolbar – Boolean
Show the mini toolbar when selecting text with the mouse.
Show Toolbar
Text Editor/ShowWidgetStrip – Boolean
Show or hide the Editor toolbar in the dock window.
Show Warnings In Vertical Scroll Bar
Text Editor/Show Warnings In Vertical Scroll Bar – Boolean
Annotate the vertical scroll bar with warning positions.
Use I-beam Cursor
Text Editor/Ibeam cursor – Boolean
Show an I-beam or arrow cursor in the text editor.
Vertical Scroll Bar
Text Editor/VScroll Bar – Enumeration
Show or hide the vertical scroll bar.
View Whitespace
Text Editor/View Whitespace – Boolean
Make whitespace characters visible in the text editor.