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9.16.2 x86 specific Directives

.lcomm symbol , length[, alignment]

Reserve length (an absolute expression) bytes for a local common denoted by symbol. The section and value of symbol are those of the new local common. The addresses are allocated in the bss section, so that at run-time the bytes start off zeroed. Since symbol is not declared global, it is normally not visible to ld. The optional third parameter, alignment, specifies the desired alignment of the symbol in the bss section.

This directive is only available for COFF based x86 targets.

.largecomm symbol , length[, alignment]

This directive behaves in the same way as the comm directive except that the data is placed into the .lbss section instead of the .bss section Comm.

The directive is intended to be used for data which requires a large amount of space, and it is only available for ELF based x86_64 targets.

.value expression [, expression]

This directive behaves in the same way as the .short directive, taking a series of comma separated expressions and storing them as two-byte wide values into the current section.