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9.9.3 Symbols

Some symbols are defined by the assembler. Theyre intended to be used in conditional assembly, for example:

 .if ..asm.arch.cris.v32
 code for CRIS v32
 .elseif ..asm.arch.cris.common_v10_v32
 code common to CRIS v32 and CRIS v10
 .elseif ..asm.arch.cris.v10 | ..asm.arch.cris.any_v0_v10
 code for v10
 .error "Code needs to be added here."

These symbols are defined in the assembler, reflecting command-line options, either when specified or the default. They are always defined, to 0 or 1.


This symbol is non-zero when --march=v0_v10 is specified or the default.


Set according to the option --march=common_v10_v32.


Reflects the option --march=v10.


Corresponds to --march=v10.

Speaking of symbols, when a symbol is used in code, it can have a suffix modifying its value for use in position-independent code. See CRIS-Pic.