Property Description
Additional J-Link Options
JLinkExecuteCommand – StringList
Specify additional J-Link options to allow enabling or disabling advanced features and fine tuning.
For more information see J-Link Command Strings
Current Speed
 – IntegerRange
The JTAG/SWD clock frequency the J-Link is currently using.
DLL Version
 – String
The J-Link DLL version.
Enable Adaptive Clocking
adaptive – Enumeration
Adaptive clocking is enabled.
Exclude Flash Cache Range
JLinkExcludeFlashCacheRange – String
Define a memory range that should not be cached by J-Link.
Per default, all areas that J-Link knows to be Flash memory, are cached. This means that it is assumed that the contents of this areas do not change during program execution.
If this assumption does not hold true, typically because the target program modifies the flash content for data storage, then the affected area should be excluded from the cache.
This may slightly reduce the debugging speed.
Syntax: either 'start_address-end_address' or 'address,size'. For example: 0x08000000,0x1000.
Firmware Version
 – String
The J-Link firmware version.
Hardware Version
 – String
The J-Link hardware version.
J-Link DLL File
JLinkARMDLLFileName – FileName
The file path of the libjlinkarm.so to use.
Log File
JLinkLogFileName – FileName
The file to output the J-Link log to.
Max SWO Speed
 – IntegerRange
The maximum supported SWO speed.
Reset Type
resetType – IntegerRange
The reset strategy to use.
Script File
JLinkScriptFileName – FileName
The file path of the optional J-Link script file to use.
Serial Number
 – String
The serial number of the connected J-Link
Settings File
JLinkProjectFileName – FileName
The file path of the automatically generated J-Link settings file to use.
Show Log Messages In Output Window
showLog – Enumeration
Display the J-Link log messages to the output window.
speed – IntegerRange
The required JTAG/SWD clock frequency in kHz (0 to auto-detect best possible).
Supply Power
supplyPower – Enumeration
The J-Link supplies power to the target.
Target Voltage
 – String
The target reference voltage.
Trace Buffer Size
traceBufferSize – IntegerRange
The size of the trace buffer
Use Built-in Flash Loader
JLinkUseFlashLoader – Enumeration
The built-in debug component identify, flash loader and breakpoint support is used.
Use Built-in RTT support
JLinkUseRTT – Enumeration
The built-in RTT handling is used
Use Built-in TRACE support
JLinkUseSTRACE – Enumeration
The built-in trace handling is used
Verify Read Operations
checkModeAfterRead – Enumeration
The CPU mode is checked after each read operation.


Property Description
Device Type
 – String
The detected type of the currently connected target device.