Property Description
interfaceInformation – String
Interface connection information.
modelInformation – String
CrossConnect Model.
Serial Number
connectedSerialNumber – String
The serial number of the currently connected CrossConnect.
Target Voltage
target_voltage – String
The target's JTAG reference voltage.
interfaceVersion – String
The target interface version number.


Property Description
Adaptive Clocking
adaptiveClocking – Enumeration
Specifies whether JTAG adaptive clocking should be used.
JTAG Clock Divider
jtagDivider – IntegerRange
The amount to divide the JTAG clock frequency.


Property Description
Device Type
 – String
The detected type of the currently connected target device.
Fast Memory Accesses
fastMemoryAccessesEnabled – Boolean
Specifies whether fast memory accesses should be used for ARM7, ARM9 and Cortex-M3 targets. With this option set to Yes the target interface will not wait for a memory access to complete before moving onto the next - this means it relies on the JTAG interface being slower than the memory interface. If your target is running slowly, or has slow memory you may experience problems reading from or writing to memory with this option enabled in which case you should set this option to No. The default setting of this property on this target interface is Yes, this is because the implementation of slow memory accesses is considerably slower than fast accesses on this target interface - if you experience problems reading from or writing to memory you may find you achieve better performance by reducing the JTAG clock frequency using the JTAG Clock Divider property rather than disabling this option.
Host Connection
Connection – Enumeration
The USB serial number of the CrossConnect to use.
Memory Access Timeout
memoryAccessTimeout – IntegerRange
The timeout period for memory accesses in milliseconds.


Property Description
Current SWO Speed
currentSwoSpeed – IntegerRange
The current SWO speed.
Current Trace Buffer Size
currentTraceBufferSize – IntegerRange
The current size of the trace buffer.
SWO Speed
swoSpeed – IntegerRange
The required SWO speed (0 for maximum supported).
Trace Buffer Size
traceBufferSize – IntegerRange
The size of the trace buffer.