9.29.1 NDS32 Options

The NDS32 configurations of gnu as support these special options:

Optimize for performance.
Optimize for space.
Produce little endian data output.
Produce little endian data output.
Generate PIC.
Suppress fp-as-gp relaxation for this file.
Back-to-back branch optimization.
Suppress all relaxation for this file.
-march=<arch name>
Assemble for architecture <arch name> which could be v3, v3j, v3m, v3f, v3s, v2, v2j, v2f, v2s.
Assemble for baseline <baseline> which could be v2, v3, v3m.
-mfpu-freg= FREG
Specify a FPU configuration.
0 8 SP / 4 DP registers
1 16 SP / 8 DP registers
2 32 SP / 16 DP registers
3 32 SP / 32 DP registers

-mabi= abi
Specify a abi version <abi> could be v1, v2, v2fp, v2fpp.
Enable/Disable Multiply instructions support.
Enable/Disable Divide instructions support.
Enable/Disable 16-bit extension
Enable/Disable d0/d1 registers
Enable/Disable Performance extension
Enable/Disable Performance extension 2
Enable/Disable String extension
Enable/Disable Reduced Register configuration (GPR16) option
Enable/Disable AUDIO ISA extension
Enable/Disable FPU SP extension
Enable/Disable FPU DP extension
Enable/Disable FPU fused-multiply-add instructions
Turn on all extensions and instructions support