Property Description
Additional J-Link Options
JLinkExecuteCommand – StringList
Specify additional J-Link options to allow enabling or disabling advanced features and fine tuning.
For more information see J-Link Command Strings
Current Speed
 – IntegerRange
The JTAG/SWD clock frequency the J-Link is currently using.
Enable Adaptive Clocking
adaptive – Enumeration
Adaptive clocking is enabled.
Exclude Flash Cache Range
JLinkExcludeFlashCacheRange – String
Address range to exclude from flash cache.
This can be specified by either 'start_address-end_address' or 'address,size'.
For example: 0x08000000,0x10000.
Firmware Version
 – String
The J-Link firmware version.
J-Link DLL File
JLinkARMDLLFileName – FileName
The file path of the libjlinkarm.so to use.
Log File
JLinkLogFileName – FileName
The file to output the J-Link log to.
Max SWO Speed
 – IntegerRange
The maximum supported SWO speed.
Reset Type
resetType – IntegerRange
The reset strategy to use.
Script File
JLinkScriptFileName – FileName
The file path of the optional J-Link script file to use.
Settings File
JLinkProjectFileName – FileName
The file path of the automatically generated J-Link settings file to use.
Show Log Messages In Output Window
showLog – Enumeration
Display the J-Link log messages to the output window.
speed – IntegerRange
The required JTAG/SWD clock frequency in kHz (0 to auto-detect best possible).
Supply Power
supplyPower – Enumeration
The J-Link supplies power to the target.
Target Voltage
 – String
The target reference voltage.
Trace Buffer Size
traceBufferSize – IntegerRange
The size of the trace buffer
Use Built-in Flash Loader
JLinkUseFlashLoader – Enumeration
The built-in debug component identify, flash loader, breakpoint and trace support is used.
Use Built-in RTT support
JLinkUseRTT – Enumeration
The built-in RTT handling is used
Verify Read Operations
checkModeAfterRead – Enumeration
The CPU mode is checked after each read operation.


Property Description
Device Type
 – String
The detected type of the currently connected target device.